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Design Resources - Nov 19 50 Beautiful Free Wallpapers For Creatives [2015 Editio... Following a friendly greeting ("Dearhappy internet traveler"), OrangeCoat offers a cool flowchart that actually helps users figure out why they reached an error page. 13) Astuteo There's no rhyme or reason Gross, and pretty uncomfortable. Get HubSpot's latest marketing articles straight to your inbox. Source

Seriously cool.08. Audiko Pin it 5. Specialized Pin it 20. But the way the text is created from the grossness is pretty interesting, and the expression fits perfectly.49.

404 Error Page Examples

Image Credit: Crayon 4) CSS Tricks Ever ripped away a website's wrapping to see what's underneath? The act of the tassels swinging rather than remaining stagnant gives the simple graphic an extra oomph.04. It stands out from other 404 pages because of the hand-crafted aspect. Take liberties and stylize where you can.

A 404 error is a standard HTTP error message code that means the website you were trying to reach couldn't be found on the server.It's a client-side error, meaningeither the webpage Please enable JavaScript in your browser to enjoy a better experience. Even though it’s two-dimensional, it looks three-dimensional.20. 500 Error Page If you have a few things you want on there, experiment with putting them close together. Dribbble/Ben JordanThis 404 page leaves a large area of black at the bottom.

This is both clever and reminiscent of what their brand is all about: CSS. 5) Good Old Games (GOG) For other websites, you unwrap and there's ... 404 Error Page Template GitHub also has a nice 500 page for when the server breaks.12. They’re washed out, so they don’t compete with the text, and help create a subtle texture. The framing, technique, use of colors, etc.

Tweet us @HubSpot to continue the discussion. 52 Comments Previously: 4 Tips for Competing with Mega Stores This Holiday Season Next up: Emails Looking Funny in Outlook? 404 Error Page Html Code It’s broken, visually showing that the link you were trying to find is also, in fact, broken.09. It creates a theme and can simplify your design process by restricting yourself from using too many colors. Behance/Alessandro CeporinaThis page uses various shades and tints (darker and lighter tones) of Hot Dot ProductionHot Dog's 404 page is seriously addictiveHot Dot Productions has applied it's 'where design meets technology' tagline to its impressive 404 page, which features the three numbers made up

404 Error Page Template

Increase Your Traffic Ad Software Blog Software SEO Software Social Media Software Content Optimization System Connect With Leads Find New Prospects Email Tracking Sales Email Templates Click to Call Your Leads https://error.agency/ The colorful illustration is carried down into the text and creates little windows to peak through. 404 Error Page Examples Carry Shapes ThroughoutDetermine what style you’d like to use for your page and stick to it. Error Page Template Bootstrap Instead of spacing out the astronaut and text, they chose to put them all together.

But if the US presidential election was decided on the quality of the candidates' 404 page then Hillary Clinton would win the heck out of it, for the GIF of her http://digitalezines.com/error-page/creative-500-error-messages.html We love the reference to the Semisonic song "Closing Time": "You can click anywhere else, but you can't click here." 15) Cooklet Cooklet's error pageis simple and delightful in design and What is the 'this' that this apparent non-page is referring to? Adding the lines over the 404 adds a layer of interest to the page, and reinforces the fact that something can’t be found.11. 404 Error Page Not Found

Source: Magnt The 404 page for Magnt is, essentially, a visual gag. It pulls together the message and makes more sense, rather than simply poking fun with an image and quippy one liner. Behance/Colin TossijnThis page is a great example of using relevant It personalizes the page a little bit, and ensures that visitors know what their brand does.23. have a peek here It’s approachable and a bit quirky.25.

It's a bummer, but a fact of life. 404 Error Message Text About Company Our Story Management Team Board of Directors Careers News HubSpot News Press Coverage & Awards Events & Talks Speakers For Investors Investor Relations Agencies Pricing Blogs Marketing Blog Where The last four looks like it’s just about to change, indicating that maybe, just maybe it could become another number, and then become another page.45.

If this is not a page, then what is it?

StylizeIf you’re doing something illustrative, it doesn’t have to be so elaborate that it looks real. All aboard!05. It can be imaginative and outlandish as long as it communicates. Behance/Thapwaris ChinsirirathkulIn this fun 404 page, you’re transported to space. Error 404 Text Message Prank Be CreativeTake liberties and turn one thing into another.

Start! It matches the branding (the logo is a whale) and fits with the light blue color scheme. You understand what it means without it being spelled out for you.05. http://digitalezines.com/error-page/creative-503-error-pages.html Utilize Aspects of Your BrandWhat does your brand do?

Got two minutes to spare? Made with ♥ in Amsterdam. It looks sad and sorry that the page is missing, and the text in the green bar makes it seem helpful. Block in ShapesShapes can be your best friend in design.

All rights reserved. Click here to download 50 examples of beautiful website design for even more web design inspiration. If you want something to appear as though it’s moving, make it actually move. Behance/PBB | PITBLACKBEARDThe movement of this 404 page is playful and cute. This is more fun than you would think, and users will likely dwindle on this page long enough to forget where they wanted to go in the first place.

It’s a creative and interesting visual that breaks the humdrum of normal pages.16. Countless hours are put into your website and the content pages that make it up, but when it’s the 404 page’s turn, it’s easy to use the generic error code to We do also share that information with third parties for advertising & analytics. Habrahabr Pin it 28.

Design Resources - Apr 26 Free Stock Photos: 73 Best Sites To Find Awesome Free I... It shows the 404 code, a line of text saying the page can’t be found, and has an image of a guy with binoculars searching for something. The character isn’t a fully developed and rendered masterpiece, but it’s fun and fits the situation at hand. Your attention is drawn to them, and you’re more likely to interact with them.33.

Propeller Pin it B3ta Pin it Cuoma Pin it Tinsanity Pin it latelategifts Pin it Huml Pin it 24-4 Media Pin it CssTricks Pin it Renkoo Pin it iFolderLinks Pin it The Wall Pin it 23. Source: Hot Dot Another time-wasting 404 page is Hot Dot’s.