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How to Join a Webinar First Time Here? I fixed the sample. Manu Temmerman-Uyttenbroeck (May 23, 2008) Great post! Posted by TJ VanToll Aug 05, 2012 Comments current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. This is a success message. Check This Out

I just used this code to show error messages when a user submits a form, like for updating profile. I've been using a similar approach with my projects, but using different mark-up:

Successful operation message
… but it's all down to preference. If message disappears in some uncommon way, user can be confused, especially if it happens before user read it; and that would be a poor user experience. mark (May 23, If you prefer rounded borders, see the variations, below.

Error Message Css Style Example

share|improve this answer answered May 15 '09 at 22:58 Paolo Bergantino 293k63459408 Or, if you don't want to be able to quickly customize the bubble's colors, you can use This didn't look nice here, so I removed it. - What is in your opinion a user friendly way of closing the popup? * use a timeout and fadeout after 2 Mine is a little hacky :) Jannie (December 23, 2008) Very nice indeed! lolz :D free ps3 (September 17, 2008) Nice will have to use one of them! ChairNut (September 24, 2008) Just developing our new site and have used your message

I will use this as an example for my framework! As I said I tried your code and it is working for me. He checked several more times, but he didn't notice that at one moment the message changed to "Account available". Message Box Css Popup if (element.attr('type') == 'radio' || element.attr('type') == 'checkbox') { element = element.parent(); offset = element.offset(); error.insertBefore(element) error.addClass('message'); // add a class to the wrapper error.css('position', 'absolute'); error.css('left', offset.left + element.outerWidth()); error.css('top',

I have looked at this post as well and get how to do it but my limitations with CSS are haunting me. Alert Box Css Style I used this to solve this problem: error.css('left', $(element).position().left + $(element).width() + 10); error.css('top', $(element).position().top); –kiteloop Jun 28 '11 at 11:49 | show 10 more comments up vote 3 down vote Confusing isn’t it? I try to avoid jquery at all costs and I wouldn't want to import a big bulky library just for error/info messages.

Need Help? Css Message Box With Arrow I'm at a lose because I want to use what you have provided but it's not functioning correctly. –Phill Pafford May 22 '09 at 15:36 hmm, try to add Case-2: If the validation message for input text box 1 is long, it is making the error message of text box 2 to shift extreme right. If you need the validation icon, you can make it yourself.

Alert Box Css Style

I tried this out, it's not great, but it works with three properties and requires no floats or absolutes: