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Are the input packet counters incrementing? If you use an ATM port adapter on a VIP, determine whether the distributed VIP memory resources are congested with the command show controllers VIP tech-support, where is the slot Use a VIP2 with more SRAM. I've been unable to match these CRC errors to the counters for my interfaces. Source

A faulty or failing ATM interface. The cell then moves to the ATMizer SAR cell buffers, which consist of 4 MB transmit (Tx) and 4 MB receive (Rx) onboard memory or local static random-access memory (SRAM). No, CRC errors are not associated with discarded cells. Note Because the interface is in loopback mode, the ping command will report that it failed. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/asynchronous-transfer-mode-atm/permanent-virtual-circuits-pvc-switched-virtual-circuits-svc/10434-crc-tshooting.html

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Furthermore, because the Layer 3 queues are accessible by the Layer 3 processor, you can run flexible software scheduling algorithms on those queues. Starting with Cisco IOS Software Release 11.1(22)CC and 12.0(3)T, Cisco IOS builds a separate pool of buffers dedicated to the storage of packets for each VC in the Layer 3 processor The show atm vc {vcd#} command output also displays an "InPktDrops" field to count the number of packet drops at the VC level.

For more information, see Configurable per-VC Hold Queue Support for ATM Adapters. Output Drop Counters You can obtain the number of output drops on your ATM VCs via a Cisco IOS command or via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) polling (planned for Cisco Software version = 6.3(1) Error Msg: PID = 10 show_comma PC: 10146DA2, Status: 2000, Vector: 7008 sp+00: 20001014 6DA27008 11FF4794 01050005 sp+10: 00050005 75726500 10624AEA 00000095 sp+20: 75726500 FFFFFFFF 75726500 FFFFFFFF Cisco Crc Errors This is to be expected.

General Troubleshooting Information This section provides the following general information for troubleshooting ATM SPA cards and their SPA interface processor (SIP) carrier cards: • Interpreting Console Error and System Messages • What Are Crc Errors Name: PGP.sig Type: application/pgp-signature Size: 186 bytes Desc: This is a digitally signed message part Url : https://puck.nether.net/pipermail/cisco-nsp/attachments/20041027/b7c5d875/PG P-0001.bin ------------------------------ Message: 3 Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 09:54:24 -0700 (PDT) From: Andy --- Andy Dills Xecunet, Inc. find more info When placed in loopback diagnostic, the ATM interface cannot derive clocking from the line, so you need to use the local oscillator with the atm clock internal command.

In this example, a policy map is configured with a class class-default default class. Input Errors On Interface The most common symptoms are these: •TCP connections are slow because of cells being discarded in the ATM cloud. I have to say that the stuff I've been looking at with Force10 has been really impressive. Create a hard loopback and connect the fiber strand to go from the transmit side (TX) to the receive side (RX).

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Understanding the Segmentation and Reassembly for AAL5 Frames AAL here refers to the ATM Adaptation Layer. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/asynchronous-transfer-mode-atm/permanent-virtual-circuits-pvc-switched-virtual-circuits-svc/21450-counterbugs-21450.html www.xecu.net 301-682-9972 --- tony at aloha Oct27,2004,7:09PM Post #9 of 11 (3174 views) Permalink Re: ATM CRC errors [In reply to] On Wed, 27 Oct 2004, Andy Dills wrote: > On Wed, 27 Troubleshooting For Basic Atm PA-A3 Architecture The PA-A3 uses an ATMizer II segmentation and reassembly (SAR) chip. Atm Interface Cisco For more information about the debug hw-module subslot command, see Chapter40, "SIP, SSC, and SPA Commands." For information about other debug commands that can be used on a Cisco7600 series router,

In this output, an enhanced ATM port adapter (PA-A3) has experienced 11,184 output queue drops since the counters were last cleared on week and one day ago: router#show interface atm 5/0/0 http://digitalezines.com/crc-errors/crc-errors-on-cisco-switch.html Click on Troubleshooting ATM CRC Errors to see a Flash animation on the loopback line and loopback diagnostic commands. These errors suggest that when the SAR reassembles the packet and checks the CRC, the calculated CRC value does not match the value in the assembled packet's CRC field. Use the show diag command in order to determine the hardware revision of your PA-A3: router#show diag PA Bay 1 Information: ENHANCED ATM OC3 MM PA, 1 ports EEPROM format version Atm Problems And Solutions

Examples The following shows typical output when performing a line loopback. The Layer 3 processor can then continue to buffer packets for that VC in the corresponding Layer 3 queue. If appropriate, be sure to return the clock source to the line after this test. have a peek here Such packets are queued in the incoming interface's input queue for processing.

In times of non-congestion, the class is free to use as much bandwidth as possible up to the maximum value of the VC. Cisco Input Errors A transmission guy later told me you can usually leave both ends of a DS3 to recover clock from the line. sthaug at nethelp Oct27,2004,12:58PM Post #4 of 11 (3242 views) Permalink Re: Traffic shaping causes output queues to back up and may lead to drops if the congestion state is sustained.

The threshold per conversation is 64.

Medina#sh running-config int atm 3/0.1 Building configuration... The default is 0x0000. •size datagram-size--(Optional) Specifies the size, in bytes, of the ICMP echo request packets to be sent. For this reason, use debug commands only to troubleshoot specific problems or during troubleshooting sessions with Cisco technical support staff. If possible, create a point-to-point subinterface.

Also capture several outputs of the show controller atm command. Configuration register is 0x2102 Displaying Information About the ATM SPA Hardware Revision Levels To display information about the hardware revision of the SPA, as well as the version of the field-programmable The router uses tail drop or (if you have configured it) WRED to manage the queue when packets are enqueued to it that exceed the configured limit. http://digitalezines.com/crc-errors/crc-errors-cisco-fiber.html The example shown on this page uses the PA-A3 with 12.1 IOS code version.

If it is also configured, it performs a WRED selective congestion avoidance algorithm independently on each of these queues that enforces service differentiation across the IP Classes of Service. Mea culpa, I was very incorrect. Trail drops counts the number of drops from this queue only when another queue has an incoming packet with a lower WFQ sequence number, and the WFQ system reaches the max-queue-limit LOF errors could also occur when the line or a device on the line is generating bit errors that are corrupting frames. •Rx Cell HCS Error (HCSE)--The interface detected an error

In this condition, the router drops the complete packet inside the onboard memory of PA-A3. Therefore, any IP packet with a destination IP address in the same subnet will be forwarded on this VC. David Sinn wrote: > > > The CRC's can be related to lost cell's, since if a component cell (or > > cells) of a AAL5 encapsulated frame are lost, the CRC fills the last four bytes of the trailer and protects most of the CPCS-PDU, except for the actual CRC field itself.

Possible answers include: Input or output queue Subinterface VC The ATM driver is only responsible for reporting the input and output byte counts. Basically, after configuring the PVC itself, you must instruct the router on which PVC needs to be used to reach a specific destination. When placed in loopback diagnostic, the ATM interface cannot derive clocking from the line, so you need to use the local oscillator with the atm clock internal command. interface ATM2/0.130 point-to-point ip address no ip directed-broadcast PVC 1/130 vbr-nrt 100000 75000 100 service-policy output mypol broadcast encapsulation aal5mux ip Once you have configured WFQ, the output of

Noise, gain hits, or other transmission problems on the data-link equipment. Re: What MTU for Bellsouth BBG / BRAS <-> LNS l2TP tunnel? (Brian Feeny) 3. 6500 vs MG8 vs Force10 E600 (Eric) 4. Layer-2 vs Layer-3 Counters In the show interface command output for the main interface, the "input packets" field counts the number of packets that have been received and switched successfully to The following topics will be reviewed: •How are frames or packets segmented into ATM cells? •What are the important show commands, and how do you interpret them? •How can you detect

Log the debug information generated by debug atm errors. The related standards describe a transport technology in which information is carried in small, fixed-length data units called cells. Usually, calling the provider will give a quick answer.